Dave Robinson


Dave Robinson specialized in health care facilities the first seven years of his career, and then diversified in education facilities, multi-family housing, single family housing, office, retail, financial institutions, manufacturing, with special emphasis on food processing, cold storage, distribution facilities and specialized process facilities involving research and development / clean room enviornments for over 25 years. This wide range of experience has fostered objectivity to all work and a balanced freshness in individual project approach, but has provided experience in designing distribution facilities.

Dave has been licensed as an architect for more than 34 years, and has managed this firm in Utah since 1993. He was originally based in the Chicago area, and has practiced architecture for national and international firms throughout his career in a wide variety of building types. Dave Robinson's business philosophy is to approach each project by focusing first upon service and understanding the needs of the individual client. Every client and their respective project needs are unique within the dynamics of market conditions, evolution of building programs, cost issues, governmental influences, and the personnel involved in decision-making.


Finding the best solution out of the complexities of building programs is our goal. Tracking costs and the communication of decisions is essential to cooperative understanding of the design and building process. The intent of our firm is to create successful work and to remain involved with each project over the long term. A personal hands-on approach to each project is required to insure quality throughout. Utilizing computer/electronic data systems for speed, accuracy, and communications is vital and standard for facilitating efficiencies in all aspects of our work.