Food Facilities:

Keebler Distribution Facility, Salt Lake City, Utah

Keebler Company requires a high level of sanitation and cleanliness within their service facilities in order to protect their food products from infestations or contamination. The building was designed from the inside out, utilizing rack and aisle engineering to locate columns and dock doors. Use of natural and mechanical ventilation systems were incorporated into the design for economy and comfort. Heavy emphasis was placed on dock features, incorporating technology that was low in maintenance and high protection. Quality of the food service environment is reflected in the maintainability of the building's surfaces as well as the attitude of the staff.
Site requirements for the facility included secure truck parking areas, accommodating large service food truck fleets and allowing for maneuverability. Landscaping design was provided as screening and with low maintenance features.



Distribution of cereal foods from their manufacturing facility in northern Utah is the primary service of this facility. In order to maximize the 156,000 sq. ft. storage area, construction of 1,760 square feet of office area was designed and added to the building outside the main footprint, but blended with the building's colors and materials, utilizing a standing seam roof to present a clean and sharp roof line, consistent with the building's sharp shapes. The office area is designed to project beyond the dock wall to afford views of the truck traffic and facilitate optimum management of dock activity.


Maxi's Deli, Salt Lake City, Utah

Located in the articulated corner of building IX-A/B, at Ninigret Park, a master planned, industrial, distribution and office complex, Maxi's deli thrives on the lunch time crowd from dozens of nearby businesses looking for their food fix. This 4,000 square foot restaurant and food catering facility includes kitchen, dining, and storage space with a drive in bay designed to facilitate all-season loading and unloading of catering vehicles. The well illuminated dining room is designed to service up to 60 guests in a charming deli-style atmosphere complete with a self-service beverage / condiment station.

Kem C. Gardner Intermountain Healthcare - Cafeteria