Interior Design:

DRA has acquired a vast knowledge base for analyzing and planning interior spaces to meet the requirements of our clients, as well as providing environments which stimulate and inspire. We utilize the experience from each project to improve upon the quality of new ones. Defining the quality and physical attributes of each interior project leads to innovative ways of resolving issues of communication, efficiency, traffic flow, budget, and image.  Utilizing current technology for communications, air systems, and power, each project is designed with flexibility in mind. Creating interior environments that allow for change is a challenge and task we embrace with each project.

Material Considerations and selections reflects the Occupant's culture and business philosophy, as well as their sophistication. Use of natural light, views, and structural elements also add to personalizing each entry lobby, conference room, break areas and groups of spaces. Selection of proper furniture elements also enhances the relationships to the physical space and its finishes, and heightens sensitivity of one's experience moving through the built environment.