Northrop Grumman Corporation expanded their existing Salt Lake City Electronics Division Facility by approximately 52,000 square feet, composed of manufacturing and office areas. The architecture of the two story manufacturing building was designed with enhanced security features and coordinated with floor and roof heights to match the varying elevations of the existing structures.

The manufacturing building addition skin matches the existing materials in color and profile, but contains an upgraded insulation system to add high levels of temperature controls, reduce infiltration, and meet a tight budget. Window areas were limited to offices and entry ways at security check points. The architecture of the second floor level consists of offices, Conference Center with multiple folding partitions capable of dividing the area into five separate conference rooms, and a Wellness Center with an exercise room, showers, and support offices.

Mechanical systems were designed based on efficiency, reliability, and flexibility with critical humidity and temperature controls. The operations of this facility are 24 / 7 and cannot be interrupted by faulty equipment. The architecture of the existing chiller and boiler systems were expanded and upgraded to coordinate with the new equipment. Mechanical equipment for manufacturing areas was designed to support a clean room environment and separate VAV units.

Energy efficiency in all aspects of the manufacturing project was essential to meet a Silver LEED rating. Points were obtained for site, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority.

The architecture of the electronic systems incorporated automated lighting controls, security system enhancement, upgraded fire alarm systems, and a new electrical service to the addition and replacement of electrical services to an existing building. Achievements obtained were significant savings in architecture and construction costs as well as accelerated completion.


Amedica @ CentrePointe Business Park

Amedica occupies the entire Building B in this business park, utilizing the two story area for offices, and the single story space with tall ceilings for manufacturing, production and research. A grand lobby is the center piece of this facility, connecting both levels of the office area. The production area is secured tightly due to the nature of this business and efforts to protect trade secrets. Production areas required a distribution system for natural gas, nitrogen, compressed air, power, data, and communications. The architecture of clean room environments were critical to meet sanitation requirements for medical implants. Isolation control was also addressed due to the precision machining and handling of medical parts. The flow of materials from receipt through rough machining, quality controls, final-machining, finishing, packaging and shipping was the organizational structure of the design process.


Design Team:                                    Dave Robinson Architects
                                                         BHB Consulting Engineers
                                                         SMD Engineering
Owner / Developer:                           Portfolio Investments LLC  

Building Improvement Area             54,400 s.f.

EFI Electronics

This manufacturing facility assembles surge protection equipment, using materials purchased from out-sourced suppliers as well as certain in-house manufactured items. The surge protection devices are tested prior to packaging and palletized for shipment. The architecture created an environment involving a large volume of warehouse space at Ninigret Park, utilizing evaporative cooling and lighting from the skylights as well as high output warehouse and task lighting. The open assembly floor facilitated flexibility for changing the processes for producing quality equipment. The architecture of the overhead electrical systems were designed for easy change in the future. Large fans were incorporated for air circulation throughout, and an office environment utilized landscape partitions for open communication between departments.


Beijer Electronics

Dave Robinson Architects Maintains a high level of quality in structures intended for food based material handling, clean room environments for medical and electronic products, light and heavy manufacturing and assembly.  Consideration of environmental requirements is increasingly crucial to the competitive market place. Proper design form vibration control to sterile conditions is our focus, and approaching each project with a prioritized list of needs helps facilitate a final design that meets both physical and psychological requirements of the occupants.