Master Planning

Dave Robinson Architects (DRA) has been continuously involved in master planning business and industrial parks over the past twenty years in Salt Lake City, Representative projects of this type of work are listed as follows:


Ninegret Park
Salt Lake City, Utah

This project began in 1993 with the purchase of 176 acres of property immediately west of Centennial Park, between California Avenue and 2100 South. The object of this planning was to create an efficient industrial park with flexibility to accommodate a variety of building types and sizes, in order to meet changing market demands. DRA developed the street locations based on optimum building layouts and utility grids.

The standards established for this Park were developed as CCR's, which were based on Mr. Robinson's past experience in the Chicago area, as well as experience with national clients requiring planning for various parks and building expansion considerations.

Developing Ninigret Park involved studies of how best to utilize the existing property for both efficiency as well as flexibility. Hundreds of plans were created to explore balances between parking, truck areas, access, and building volume. The building types varied from large distribution to flex to four story office structures. This combination was partly a hedge for market variety, but also met market demand for specific types of spaces.

Ninigret Technology Park

Salt Lake City, Utah

As Ninigret Park was becoming fully developed, an opportunity for acquiring more land (400 acres) adjacent to the existing Park and stretching across Bangerter Highway to Gladiola Street became available. This land required intensive remediation due to the previous us as settling ponds for material extraction, and a manufacturing facility that was dismantled. However, the land area also proved to have great potential after many studies of street and building layouts were completed by DRA. The results were that the streets were developed to reflect optimum building sites, and accessibility. The property was subdivided into phases which dictated a sequence for remediation which is currently being completed.

Parcels were developed in order to have a capacity to sell certain land and finance the remediation and infrastructure. the process involved City and State officials with an interest in the remediation and approval process.

Due to the size of this land area, schemes were developed to incorporate a campus environment for office buildings, with a mix of large distribution and manufacturing facilities. The initial concepts were to incorporate a landscaped park within the development to attract offices users. However, the market did not respond to the office building concepts, but a renewed demand for distribution facilities has spurred development similar to Ninigret Park. Also, much of the land is being purchased by another investment group, which is studying alternate schemes for development for specific building products.


California Business Park

Approximately 35 acres which was formerly owned by Ningret Technology Park was purchased by Hamilton Partners, Inc., who also employed DRA to perform master planning. The schemes developed involved four to six buildings, sharing dock areas and access drives. The standards for this Park were consistent with Ningret Technology Park, but the design of the first building reflected a more ambitious approach to the market, utilizing taller buildings, and incorporating insulated tilt-up concrete walls (sandwich panels). The first building was created as a model for the next generation of buildings in this Park.


Landmark Commerce Center

This land consists of approximately 61 acres, and was intended for buildings sized as approximately 45,000 square feet, utilizing common truck courts and high level interest in the exterior design. The product is intended for tenants as small as 5,000 square feet, and incorporates both ramps and dock doors for each tenant. This work was performed between 2005 and 2007.


CentrePointe Business Park

Land in this Park amounted to 12.5 acres, and was planned through multiple layouts of three industrial buildings to fifteen flex buildings. The end product was to provide Research and Development products involving two buildings at 54,400 square feet, and one building at 106,000 square feet. All buildings have a partial second floor for office use. Planning was performed between May 2005 and August 2007.


Meridian Commerce Park

This Park involved approximately 77 acres, and planning resulted in eight buildings and a roadway to service the site. On additional large parcel is reserved for a hotel, due to the proximity to Salt Lake City, International Airport, I-80, and Bangerter Highway. Other small parcels along California Avenue are targeted for retail. This project is being processed but has not yet begun construction of the first building or roadway due to the lengthy permit and subdivision process.


Union Pacific Park
Denver, Colorado

A 150 acre site was studied in Denver, formerly owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, for development into an industrial park for distribution and manufacturing. Its proximity to the rail and freeway made this property attractive, but the steep slopes presented problems in providing access. Terracing the park was the only practical way of providing access to each building. The project was studied and a final layout accepted, but the seller could not come to terms with the buyers, and the project stopped.


Additional projects are available for your information. Please request them if desired.