Great Salt Lake Marina Phase 1


The Utah DFCM architecture project consists of a renovation and replacement of several existing docks and the construction of one additional dock. The design-build team consisting of Build Inc., Marina Ventures, PDA and Dave Robinson Architects, worked closely with the DFCM, Utah State Parks and the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club to develop, design and implement several attractive, functional, durable and code compliant docks and gangways for the recreational marina. Required handicapped access to a variety of boat slip sizes was complicated by greatly fluctuating lake levels (historically as much as 27 feet) and established ramp slope parameters. As a result, the architecture of "E" dock, which moors the largest vessels in the recreational marina, was fitted with several small and medium sized boat slips, wrap-around 4" edge protection devices, and an innovative adjustable gangway adaptable to seasonal lake level fluctuations. The well-proven Marina Ventures docks are constructed of dense Alaskan Yellow Cedar decking over durable sealed plastic floats, with oversized cross members and properly installed tested piles. All recreation facility construction is designed to withstand the severe exposure to the elements, including relentless sun, extreme salinity, periodic rough waves and occasional gale force winds.

Great Salt Lake Marina Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of a continuation of a Utah DFCM recreation facility renovation project at the Great Salt Lake Marina, which includes additional dock replacement and several other upgrades to this unique state park. Utilizing the same proven materials from phase 1, DRA worked as a part of an established team to design the architecture and implement two additional, attractive, functional, durable, and code compliant docks, gangways and approaches. The approaches feature sloped concrete ramps and safety barriers which separated general public areas from the privately leased boat slips. To satisfy visitor curiosity about the vast geologic anomaly before them, a concrete and aluminum observation platform was constructed at the northwestern end of the marina overlooking the lake and distant antelope island. The platform features a fully accessible deck, reminiscent of a ship's bow and bowsprit; a 48" cast aluminum compass rose for visitor bearing and integrated signage pedestals for placement of interpretive plaques discussing the unique geology, biology and history of the lake. Recognizing the need for compliant facilities throughout the marina, the existing toilet and shower rooms were completely renovated and redesigned to meet current full ADA standards. New doors, stalls, toilets, sinks, drinking fountains and shower rooms were included to upgrade durability, functionality and most importantly, accessibility. Additionally, a concrete, low-maintenance fresh water rinse station was designed and constructed to satisfy boaters' upkeep needs when removing watercraft from the highly saline water. As in phase 1, phase 2 construction was designed to withstand the severe exposure to the elements, including relentless sun, extreme salinity, periodic rough waves and occasional gale force winds.