Fort Union Square

This retail shopping center was developed on a challenging slope between residential and commercial properties in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The optimum layout design was to construct two strips of building with column spacing and entry areas to allow for flexibility in tenant size, provide maximum exposure to the public way, while concealing the store parking from the street. The retail design of the building was to be inviting and consistent with the neighborhood design and style, but unique in its pedestrian friendly exposure, and sharp in its appearance, including standards for store signage.


River Park Plaza, Salt Lake City, Utah

In an older, northwest, Salt Lake City neighborhood, River Park Plaza was development as a retail shopping center. The store areas were arranged for maximum window display through an undulating from. Retail tenant spaces are varied and allow for multiple bays within one store. Part of the site was reserved for a future stand-alone store building on its own pad. A connecting link to adjacent property allows for traffic from and to a McDonald's restaurant.
Use of trellis overhangs added interest and shadows to the faces of the building. Strong use of color enhanced the structure making it attractive with simple shapes and lines. Defining surfaces with color and material changes created a background for signs and displays. Landscaping enhances the casual experience of the shoppers, allowing variety and interest in a buffer between the parking lot and the store building.


DRA has designed and developed retail shopping center facilities as well as individual stores, catering to the retail design needs of product merchandising including clothing, personal services, and food. From site analysis to the details of store product display, we acutely examine the local market place and explore options to maximize exposure / display, accessibility, and the psychology of merchandising is analyzed to encourage the customers in making positive purchasing decisions, and to attract return trips. Matching the customer base with an approach to physical design is a challenge we take very seriously.  DRA focus their retail design around the concepts of the industry of their consumer.  With a varied background in different design markets, Dave Robinson Architects have the experience and efficiency to handle any retail project.