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With over 35 years of experience in the business of Design, Planning, and Architecture, Dave Robinson Architects is an innovative firm that seeks to provide custom, commercial design to Clients seeking quality, professional building services. Located in Salt Lake City, we are one of the leading commercial Architectural firms in Utah.

Architectural Design

Throughout our design process, we work to create lasting architectural expressions, incorporating the latest in building technology while maintaining building integrity that flows seamlessly with its surroundings. At DRA, our design process strives to take into account the unique intangibles that influence the resulting product, such as market trends and conditions, governmental and code changes, budgetary restrictions and construction costs, and other factors that are particular to the project at hand. This attention to detail sets us apart from our competition, making us a leading commercial Architectural service in the Salt Lake City and Mountain West areas.

DRA is dedicated to providing innovative commercial architectural services that not only satisfy our Clients' needs, but also promotes individualism, inspires observers and occupants, and incorporates permanence, durability and sustainability for future value.


Practical and Sustainable Architecture

Our goals are to provide commercial space / building designs that are not only reflective of the Client's needs and goals, but have an inherent quality of enjoyment and an intrinsic value in the occupants' understanding and appreciation of the architectural design. Efficiency in design, flexibility for the Occupants' changing business uses, and opportunities for growth are part of our design philosophy and practice. We examine and re-examine these goals as well as the Client's needs in order to achieve a comprehensive approach to the architectural projects.

Since building construction is such an expensive and time consuming enterprise, we are focused toward making the process an opportunity for the Owner's staff to develop internal objectives. Our Design Team will work with the Owner's staff to foster, develop and refine his projected growth and needs, as well as help define his business through the expression of the new construction.

Trustworthy Commercial Design

DRA brings 35 years of experience in commercial Architecture, construction and building. Past architectural projects in warehouses, distribution buildings, offices, manufacturing, maintenance, clean rooms, health care, and retail projects provides an extensive background and understanding of multiple businesses. However, we are known for listening and understanding the changing markets and business needs of all clients.

We understand the needs for business growth, and look forward to discussing the complex aspects of planning, such as product flow, traffic patterns, ancillary needs, employee accommodations and safety, space and utility needs, and support systems. Our involvement in the programming and design of your commercial building will provide your business a unique and sophisticated environment. The architectural expression of your business will also be reflected in the unique style and identity for customers, employees, and the public.