Dave Robinson and Associates provides professional services through its qualified staff and its association with experts in a variety of fields. We do not hesitate to contact specialists when the situation calls for further research or particular details. Rather than attempting to re-invent the wheel, DRA gathers reliable information from existing data bases, and uses it to pioneer into new territory. Having experience in all building types, we offer a well-rounded base from which to draw. Our expertise in master planning and managing construction projects has resulted in a large body of successful projects over the years. Understanding the business of construction as well as the sensitivities of design allows us to concentrate on the unique aspects of each project. We can easily identify the goals of a project, and then roll up our sleeves and attack the body of work as necessary. Our unique experience in museum environments provides another dimension to the process of designing interiors that reflect the needs and goals of your project. Theatrical background and set design experience allows us to create specific environments which have special meaning. Our experience in historic interpretations is the key to following a logical progression of steps in developing projects that have memorable and recognizable significance.